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Fitness Studio Owner

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Emily's Story

Emily has been changing lives as a fitness and wellness coach since 2004. She began working as a yoga and Pilates instructor and personal trainer in Chicago and she quickly grew a following for her inspirational and down-to-earth teaching style. She has taught in studios and gyms across the country ever since.

After growing up in poverty, Emily has always been passionate about making mind/body wellness affordable and accessible to everyone. She opened her first yoga and Pilates studio in 2014 predicated on the message "Every BODY is welcome!" Her studio has become a staple in the community - filling a need by providing low-cost, low-key classes for people of all walks of life.

When Emily was 12 years old, she survived a serious car accident that left her with chronic back pain for years. At the age of 28 the pain became so intense she had to stop working for a year. Told that she needed an extreme operation in order to recover, Emily decided there had to be a better way. She consulted with top back experts and used her own knowledge of the human body to develop an exercise program to rehabilitate herself. She has now been pain-free for amlost a decade. And she has spent years helping others find relief by teaching this method.

In order to share this powerful technique with more people, Emily developed Back to Life - a complete mind/body video series to relieve back pain and bring strength, flexibility and vitality back into the body.